Born Again…Again

Having made many false starts over the last five–or is it six–years, we are ready to start again.

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June 2012 Starting Over

As I go about the country and read stuff I am sent and encounter, I find that several of the ideas that I have offered to the field have been found useful. Of course, pedagogical content knowledge, fondly dubbed PCK in much of the world, has had a sustained life for more than 25 years. I will be writing about where that idea has gone, how I now think about PCK, its virtues as well as its flaws, in a forthcoming set of comments in Pedablogical Content Knowledge. Pedablogical content is content that seems germane to the challenges of pedagogy at all levels. I’m not sure how wise it is to add the descriptor “knowledge” to that name. We shall see.

The other idea that seems to be gaining traction is much younger. The notion of “signature pedagogies” was introduced in a couple of essays in Daedalus and in Liberal Education in about 2006 or 2007. Even more than was the case for PCK, I let loose upon the academic community a truly ill-formed, underdeveloped idea. A number of people have taken it seriously enough to write about it, elaborate and critique it, and even design studies that aim to test its implications. I feel I owe my colleagues a brief memo about signature pedagogies as I now understand them.

These will begin to emerge in the coming weeks.

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Fast forward

December 26, 2011

Welcome to the long defunct Lee Shulman blog.  More than three years ago, when I had just retired from the Carnegie presidency, I wrote the 1st few paragraphs for what I expected would be an ongoing blog. I was sitting in an office at the Spencer foundation and was filled with all kinds of thoughts about the essays I needed to write, the book that was waiting to be born. As you will see if you read those few paragraphs, my intentions were good, but as it turned out the motivation to continue the blog was simply not strong enough. I’m now ready to try once again. I’m not at all sure that anyone will read this blog. I may simply keep it to myself. I must confess that the immediate motivation for activating the block is that apparently a fairly large number of people have been logging on to this website and they are generally confused by what they find here.

In the next few weeks, my interview with a site called “ Inside the Academy” will go public and it directs those who watch the interview to connect to this site.  I’d like them at least to find something I’ve written more recently of then my 70th birthday, 3 years ago on September 28, 2008.

Now fast-forward more than 3 years.   I did indeed spend much of that year in Chicago, New York and Jerusalem. I have returned to Stanford University. The promised book has not been written and I am not sure it ever will be. Nevertheless, a number of lectures have been given and a fair number of papers have been completed. These will all be posted on this site both as linked videos and as pieces in print.

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